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The total roofing and guttering package

Nothing is left to chance with PR Plumbing & Sons roofing and guttering services as well as all other aspects of gas and water plumbing.

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Great plumbing offers 360 degree solutions.

PR Plumbing & Sons provides thorough, high quality and fully guaranteed services from the top of your house, within your home and down to pipes metres beneath the ground.

We advise on the best products and source them at the best price, install and maintain your systems and give a 12-month warranty on our workmanship.

When did you last look at your gutters?

Often the first sign of blocked or damaged gutters is an impressive leak.

Most of us don’t check our gutters unless it’s part of a bushfire plan (and sometimes not even then).

PR Plumbing & Sons will inspect your gutters and downpipes, remove blockages, install leafguards, replace valves and damaged sections and redirecting water courses where necessary.

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