Rainwater Tanks

PR Plumbing Rainwater Tanks will make you love wet days.

PR Plumbing & Sons equip you to take control of your water use with a sensible water collection tank, ideal for the Central Coast and Hunter regions.

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Any-sized property.

Forget the days when rain tanks were only for farms and acreages. These days, properties of any size can benefit from having a modern rainwater collection system. In fact all new-build dwellings must have water tank installed.  

Whether your stored rainwater is used in the garden, your toilet, washing machine or throughout the house, PR Plumbing & Sons can advise on the size, style and capacity that’s right for you.

Don’t waste the opportunity to save

With a monthly average rainfall of between 60-90 mm from the Hunter to the Coast, you need to invest in saving water and costs.

As well as being good for the environment, it makes good sense to not let rainfall runoff into the ocean when it can easily be stored for our use.

With new designs and storage technology available, there has never been a better time to install or upgrade a rainwater tank, with PR Plumbing & Sons.

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