Gas Installation

Gas fitting, installation and repairs – safety first.

Anything related to LPG or natural gas is a job for professionals. PR Plumbing & Sons is qualified and experienced in safe repair and installation of gas appliances, meters, valves and pipes. We are skilled at handling gas leaks.

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Get the most out of services powered by natural gas.

Versatile natural gas is about more than ovens, fireplaces, water heaters and BBQs. PR Plumbing & Sons is experienced with gas install and maintenance of any scope.

According to Elgas, “Many gas fitters are also plumbers but not all plumbers are gas fitters.”

Domestic, commercial, fixed, mobile

Next time you line up for a mobile coffee van, remember that PR Plumbing & Sons may have installed the gas system powering the coffee machine.

PR has also had experience connecting and maintaining gas to the outdoor pizza oven, the caravan and the backyard dwelling as well as commercial fitouts and large retail complexes.

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