Hot Water

Cold showers only when you want them.

Removing an old system, installing a new system or switching to solar or LPG – Natural Gas, PR Plumbing & Sons is your hot water specialist.

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Saving money, water and energy resources

Heating water systems can be one of the most energy-intensive processes in your home. Get it right with the appropriate size and style of hot water system to save significant money and water, requiring lower energy levels.  

PR Plumbing & Sons will give you the best information for your lifestyle, water usage and budget.

Hot water systems that do the job

PR Plumbing & Sons doesn’t use stop-gap measures – we fix things and they stay fixed.

Whatever brand, size or power source your hot water system is, PR Plumbing & Sons can help you to make sure you have hot running water on tap when you want it.

If your hot water system is faulty or completely busted, we can repair, replace or recommend a different solution.

If you’re Installing a new hot water system in a dwelling or workplace, we can supply, install and service your hot water system to keep it running.

Whether you’re considering solar or LPG – Natural Gas for your next hot water heater, speak to PR Plumbing & Sons about your options.

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