Leak Detection

You know there’s a leak – but where?

Detecting leaks – water or gas –  is critical for the proper operation of your system, to reduce costs and to maintain safety. Get the PR Plumbing & Sons  professionals to check it out.

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We’ve seen it a thousand times: you get your water bill and BAM! Either someone has secretly moved into your house (and they take 30 minute showers) or you have a leak somewhere. 

Using sophisticated leak detection cameras and tools, PR Plumbing & Sons will solve the problem, making sure you only pay for water you are actually using. (We can’t do much about the uninvited guest.)

Leaks may be a sign of other problems

Sometimes a leak is just a leak and easily resolved. However leaks are often signs that something else is going on and need attention. PR Plumbing & Sons can guide you to the right solution.

Hot water systems

Puddles near your water heater are worth investigating. If either the pressure relief valve or the drain valve is dripping, we’ll replace the valve.  If not, the tank is leaking and we’ll recommend a new water heater straightaway. Act quickly. Tank leaks often start slow and then suddenly burst, causing your own personal deluge.

Some other common leaks

  • Roof/ceiling, gutters and downpipes
  • Sink mixing taps, water filters
  • Appliances, showers and connecting hoses

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